", "Cleanliness. ", "Plane had a maintenance issue that sent us back to the gate and he captain was up front with it and informative. Morning departure is around 13% more expensive than an evening . Never have I been stared down by a flight crew of white folks more in my entire life. Why flights from Australia to Europe are so expensive in 2023: Expect ", "Comfortable seats with lots of leg room and friendly flight attendants", "No Wifi No place to plug any devices in. My only on time flight this year has been with Delta. For my trips to Boston, that means Jet Blue. The check in people had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to check in for my 6am rescheduled flight. The cheapest month to fly is January. Hence, recent fuel cost increases led to why are flights so expensive right now. ", "Had a great flight, on time and no issues. Higher fuel prices and strong demand increased airfare by 20% in March compared to the same time in 2019. ", "The food cart rushed by without asking if we wanted anything. They made the flight most comfortable. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. ", "Delayed boarding but made up for lost time in the air", "No mechanical failures or delays would be nice", "New long haul service is a real improvement in quality", "The crew on both legs of our trip were nice and accommodating. Poor communication and much delay for takeoff. They should have kiosks to print your bags (which they don't). KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. The first time before we boarded, to accommodate a family. Can't rate food, crew, entertainment because I didn't use them. ", "No power plugs at the seats. Everything went smoothly. I could understand this, maybe, if I had not responded to a question (I was typing on my computer), but she hadn't even tried to ask me what I wanted, she just went for this very abrupt and aggressive attention-getting technique. Now I have to wait a day or two and they wont sent it to me. Extra points had the airline reimbursed their $40 ONE WAY bag fee regardless whether its a carry on or checked luggage. Entertainment video glitch for much of flight. Next time they should give it a name like The Jolly Roger. I WILL TRY NOT TO FLY IN AA AGAIN. ", "The flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. Why Are Flights To Hawaii So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons) - The Cold Wire The flight attendant gave the mandatory safety announcement in a way that got people's attention with a smile. Sat next to a man with a strong body odor. ", "Cancelling the flight without telling me. ", "We were skipped for a drink refill and it's always annoying to have a cup with mostly ice. But over all my experience was good", "Online check in refused to let me pick a seat even though the plane was not full. The five reasons airfares are so expensive right now The 2011 McNulty report found that . It was a full flight and there was no option to change seats. This was at gate B36 at JFK Airport's Terminal 4. ", "Most everything was excellent, however my 2 year old daughter's in seat entertainment screen wasn't working. Hundred percent a company all about customer service", "We wait too much, at least someone should have told the reasons for the waiting. Find cheap tickets to Portland from anywhere in United States. When the exchange rate is unfavorable, international travelers may find that their tickets are more expensive due to currency fluctuations. I will never fly Alaskan Airlines again because of this. Why are April flights to Denver so expensive? ", "Complimentary pretzels or other light snack would be nice. Great service! Very little air was coming through the vents. Toht seating Seat back not working well Ear set plug in not functioning well. ", "No toilet paper or Kleenex on the 2nd flight with American", "liked the crew, but didn't know that we would have to check our bags, since the plane was small & had no overhead. According to a Delta representative with . ", "Good service. ", "Only 1 update in the 70min our flight was delayed! ", "Flight was severely delayed causing me to incur additional travel expenses and diminish the time at my destination with family. Why Is Delta So Expensive? Low-cost airline LEVEL is an offshoot of International Airlines Group (IAG.) The really made the trip, though short, very enjoyable. Compared with Delta's Econoomy Comfort, I felt that the KLM seat had more legroom and greater recline. Only made the plane because it was 10 minutes late as well. ", "1 hour delay. ", "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. Flights to Portland Airport (PDX) are available from more than 20 airlines, including Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Delta Connection, Condor, Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. This makes airfares more expensive for travelers, making it difficult for them to find affordable flights. ", "The Internet was the worst inflight wifi experience I have ever had. The different fees are too complicated to keep up with. A one-way flight to Melbourne this weekend would take at least a $400 bite out of your wallet but there are flights with multiple stops going for almost $1,500. ", "By far and away the kindest domestic service professional musicians and their unique flying requirements-thank Y'all for being so kind! Best flight experience in ages! Search Portland flights on KAYAK. ", "JetBlue always does a great job Monday non-stop between Reno and New York. From New York to Portland. Total professionalism in an awkward situation! I had an empty seat nextto me. ", "People are friendly, it's clean, you feel safe, can't complain. ", "Overall it was mostly a good experience. I Would Definitely Fly With Them Again. Why Is Portland So Expensive? (Top 20 Reasons) - Home Mindset After it nearly evaporated in 2020, demand for travel is fully back in 2023 and isn't going anywhere. Pilot was very informative. very long walk from the gate to the luggage carousel. Ticket prices are high today for a number of reasons. ", "Super fast and efficient. ", "Overall it was mostly a good experience. Arrived almost an hour late to LAX. "Flight prices are all based on supply and demand. one hou rextra wait. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Portland. You could then fly to Portland with an airline and back with another airline. Arrived 10 minutes early. Find cheap tickets to Portland from anywhere in United States. I was super impressed", "I was asked to change seats twice. ", "Had 8 hours delay. I'm not sure this could be improved. No comparison!! and then he took my bag for me right from the kiosk. To grab a bite to eat either before or after your flight to/from Portland, browse the various restaurants in Portland International Jetport. Cheap Portland Flights as Low as $35 | Travelocity After boarding, it made more sense since it wasn't a full flight; I could understand that was likely done so the plane would be weight-balanced. ", "After waiting almost an extra hour plus for a delay, the boarding process was complete chaos. Definitely not "Stuff Shirt" but also professional. Didn't tell us till almost midnight. I am sold. ", "Boarding felt disorganized and unusually long lines to board - security was also ridiculously slow at JFK. Incorrect information on baggage carrousel. Very memorable. A shortage of pilots could keep the airlines from making a real comeback. Attendants did not ask people who were not making connections to remain on board until those with connections could deplane. Delta is very lucky to have someone like Lisa on their team! ", "I wasn't even offered food or a drink when the carts rolled. But no explanation was given. well done to Alaska for keeping the spirit alive. The shuffle down stairs, bus ride, and lines for boarding were annoying. Crew were extremely helpful. ", "The check-in process was anxiety producing. ", "I liked that we got there on time and everyone was nice. The Shipyard Brewport is a casual restaurant near Gate 5 and has an American-style menu, while Linda Bean Maine Lobster Cafe is located near Gate 10 and offers local seafood delicacies. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it", "The flight crew and staff were all great! ", "I was running late and they accommodated to me. Recommend the shuttle because if you don't get one flight, they'll get you on the next. ", "Plane was prompt and on time. We searched the earth, and beyond, to discover the stories behind some of the costliest . ", "I wish they gave better snacks than pretzels. couldn't afford upgrade so was a little more cramped, and it cost more to upgrade flying to Portland from JFK. Exchange rates can have a significant impact on the cost of flights to London. Find flights to Portland from $69. ", "Crew kept passengers informed about delays and why they were happening. Decent in-flight entertainment options and free WiFi for use with WhatsApp and iMessage only. just kidding." Really made all of us (business travelers, retired military folks, family with little kids heading to a wedding) feel welcomed and happy. Experienced. ", "Let's start with getting on the airplane was like herding sheep.. When we arrived at Barcelona, I unpacked and discovered a jacket and pants in my luggage were wet. Many other flights were delayed or cancelled. Aisle width also narrow. ", "I had 15 hours layover in Amsterdam so I got me a hotel.one hour after I got to the hotel I got a notification from Kayak app asking me to go get my bag from Schiphol. ", "the meanest most rude racist hostess ever! Lamont Smith Eagan, MN", "No steak and lobster. ", "There wasn't nearly enough legroom. It's a concept you're already familiar with: Supply and demand. Just a very poor experience I always have when I come to NY. They are also every discriminatory at that airport also, especially the people who work at JetBlue. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Portland from anywhere in United States. Why are flights to Thailand so expensive? MoneySavingExpert Forum Unlike Spirit, there's reasonable leg room, and your seats actually recline. Won't do that again. My son was NOT having it!! Well done!!! KAYAKs flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Portland is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. But again, nothing that bothered me", "Change my seat when I was boarding. Angry passengers lose it at Jetstar after waiting for more than five I did lose my bag but that was my fault in the confusion of jfk. I had sprained my ankle on my vacation and was on crutches. I got my bag in 2 days. The airport code is PWM. You don't need to be a frequent flyer to fly like one. ", "The flight left New York more than 2 hours late and got into Rochester very late also", "Great service, delightful crew, flight went in a smooth and timely manner. Very frustrating because it was configured correctly online. Not to the fault of the crew at LaGuardia, but just based on the annoyance and impatience of the passengers waiting to board. Jetstar has come under fire once more after passengers for a flight to Bali were left waiting for more than five hours - before it was cancelled for the day. ", "I don't like that you are asking me this question when I never took this flight. ", "How hard it was to get information on changing a flight", "The boarding order was good. ", "No surprises in the process. I got TSA pre-checked, no hassle with the shoes & little bottles of liquid. When more people want to fly, even if it's on specific routes, airlines know that they can charge higher prices. No explanation given. If you're booking your first overseas trip in a few years, you might be shocked by the price of flights. ", "We were skipped for a drink refill and it's always annoying to have a cup with mostly ice. Pleasant flight, nothing fancy. This airline has been moved to the bottom of my list. ", "The pilot let us know what states we were flying over", "It was hot in the airplane. Somwone needs to service this route better", "Roomy seats, nice flight crew, great landing! Now sure how that happens. The connector flight from philly to NYC was much more comfortable and had beautiful screens. The flight was only a couple of hours so there were no meals. ", "We took off late due to a mechanical but were not updated regularly. It was as expected. (PDX) starting at $49. Airfares are significantly higher than they . Higher Demand Leads to Fewer Cheap Flights First of all, keep in mind that flight prices are subject to the same laws of supply and demand as any other product. Less competition means less need for cheaper prices. There are highly desirable communities because of their proximity to the best schools as well as the best shopping areas. Staff didnt bother saying anything until we were 22 minutes past boarding time. But I don't hold that against the airline. I now have to sit for a 5 hour layover", "The heat on the plane was turned up so high! But otherwise had a very good experience flying southwest", "Boarding was smooth and quick for as full as the plane was. 7 Tips For Finding Flight Deals Now That Everything Is So Expensive ", "Delay flight arriving, delay flight departing", "It's comfortable and the staff is friendly", "Lots of leg room! * Wifi was free, which is a very nice JetBlue feature, but wifi was often slow. No apologies was extended. We cudnt hear most of it.. Why Is Delta So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons) - The Cold Wire ", "The crew in first class was indifferent at best. The flight attendants were just talking to each other as we left, even when I tried to say thank you. ", "Nothing. Then when we got on the plane we sat on the runway for over 2 hours. Giant Jets Parked Carriers are cautious about bringing back all their idled jets, even though. Staff were friendly and courteous", "Nothing bad to comment on as the trip was a smooth trip", "The employees were nice. Domestic Flights to Become Expensive as Govt Increases Limits on Nice to have the full can of pop but a pretzel or peanut snack would have been nice for a 5 hour flight. Hawaii is far from the rest of the country. Lunch was decent. There was no leg room and we were all cramped. Why are flights so expensive and when will ticket prices drop? I liked it. A 7-hour flight from NY to Zurich travelling with small children without the movies was not as pleasant as it could have been. Excellent entertainment. Bad traffic. ", "Flight was cancelled with no explanation why", "Pilots kept us abreast of timing and upcoming turbulence", "The seat back screen was broken, but the screen itself was always on, so in addition to no entertainment, I couldnt even have darkness", "The unfortunate delay prevented me from attending my grandmothers wake. Flight Deals and Cheap Airline Tickets - Alaska Airlines - Flight Deals ", "The crew was absolutely wonderful And seat was the most comfortable ever", "Sun Country has become the worst airline. )", "The space we had, the breakfast provided, the movies/TV shows available, and the staff. ", "That I had to literally run through the airport from gate D6 to gate C1 to make the connection. ", "They had little televisions screens for entertainment which was unique that it had tv rather than movies. One of the flight attendants was very rude and dismissive. Why It Costs So Much to Fly From These Airports - WSJ I don't think you did whatever you could for most of us on that flight. Awful awful. ", "Very smooth professional and affordable", "Took over an hour in the baggage check line in MSP Not a smoothly run operation! I'm trying to fly back to Denver from Tampa for my sister's baby shower and it costs $400+/ticket round trip just to fly even Southwest. Saw many people have problems with them, and then they were rude to me as well. ", "The flight was very good, no complaints, good service and we flew on schedule", "We were split into two boarding groups, one for priority and one for everyone else. However, I learned that i should arrive 2 hours before my departure time and that the check-in desk would close 45 min before the flight and I would then not be allowed to board if I had not checked in (even if I was standing in line waiting). Great comfort. In fact, it might be higher than ever. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. . When it came time to board the international flight, they screwed up our boarding passes and made us wait until the end to board. Not that would EVER fly Sun Country again", "Communication and updates. They changed our seats, putting us together again, without a problem or negative attitude. Why flying is about to get a lot more expensive for good ", "Keep up the good work! Never flying with Sun Country again,", "They tried to separate me from my son in order to accommodate a passenger using a wheel chair. ", "It was delayed 3 hours due to rain that lasted about 30 minutes", "The flight attendants were rude. The recline is a joke, not even 2 inches. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Portland. the woman next to me was stressing because of a connect", "Flight was short and we got to Portland early. ", "Awesome staff and plane. Not what you expect when you pay extra for first class. Enough space for a carry on suitcase in the overhead. Use cost-comparison websites such as Bing, Kayak and Fare Finder. ", "Seats were not comfortable..I got sick two days later. Shell reported that their after Q2 2022 came refinery margins stood at $28.04/bbl, more than double the rate of $10.23/bbl from Q1, and seven times higher than Q2 2021. This Is Why Your Airline Tickets Are So Expensive Right Now ", "Very uncomfortable seats, boarding process, we were not told why we were delayed till the doors closed 30min later. Why Is Adoption So Expensive? A Cost Breakdown The Crew And The Confort Of The Airplane Were All Great. Disappointed, but not surprised. ", "Increased cost of luggage, snacks , and perhaps a little more info about the flight delay", "Our flight said on time until five minutes before we were suppose to take off, when they made an announcement we would be two hours delayed and the screen hadnt updated When we finally got in the seats were broken - some did not recline and the tv controls were busted and TVs did not turn off. Customer service pretty poor. I asked. I know its a short flight but it was just too tight in there. Also rap music with bad language with children next to it is not a good idea. Portland holidays. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Crew was great! ", "Great service throughout. Their computers were down in Atlanta. Domestic Flights to Become Expensive as Govt Increases Limits on Airfares by 10-30% . THE WHOLE TIME. 8. They don't serve food or provide in flight entertainment. I came down with a sore throat last night so I was feeling pretty bad. When I checked in online I went all the through the process including picking a seat and paying for one bag. I will be flying jet blue again!! "Wind could cause delays in and around New York, Boston . There is only 1 airport in Portland, called Portland (PDX). And then, after finally taking off, the in flight wifi did not work. ", "Flight was on time; captain was clear and funny. Also in the last 3 days, Charlotte was the most budget-friendly place to find a flight to Portland with one-way tickets at $100 and $138 round-trip. ", "Not a full plane, early arrival, great flight attendants! Why is airport food so expensive? - The Hustle ", "As we were a few minutes from our scheduled boarding, the flight was canceled. Otherwise, uneventful. Why Are Flights So Expensive Right Now? - The Krazy Coupon Lady The plane was an old 767; it would have been nice to have a power outlet too. "I can't believe how outrageous the prices are for rental cars," she told me. ", "We decided to volunteer to take a different flight from our connection to New York because they were overbooked. (Top 10 Reasons) 1. ", "Crews were helpful. ", "Very uncomfortable for an overnight flight. At the end it told me there was an error and I was not checked in and would have to check in at the airport.