duane miller healing snopes. I want you to go someplace where you dont know anybody, because for the next six months, I want you to be totally silent., So we took six months. And he agreed to see me. Were doing a little reorganization. He is currently a Chemical Engineering Researcher.Duane's research expertise has focused upon functional materials development for the control, conversion, and release of process gases in Energy production technologies. A year after losing his voice, Miller had to step down from his position at his church and went through greatdifficulty as he tried tofind a different job he could do without the use of his voice. Duane V. MILLER 1943 - 2015 Send Flowers Share BORN 1943 DIED 2015 FUNERAL HOME Gearhart Funeral Home 11275 Foley Blvd NW Coon Rapids, MN DUANE MILLER OBITUARY Beloved Husband, Father,. All to no avail. Bless the Lord. Uh, I have big dreams, big goals, big ideas. And they said, You teach, well listen really carefully. So I went back to teaching. Bible verses about faith and hope along with coping skills may offer help to families during the hard times of life. Former Atheist Sociopath, David Wood, Finds Jesus In Prison, Entire New Age Jewish Family Gets Radically Saved By Jesus, Former Atheist & Philosophy Professor On How Studying Philosophy Convinced Him Of God, Respected Science Professor Dr. James Tour Converts To Christianity After Seeing Jesus, How Lesbian, Feminist, Atheist Professor Rosaria Butterfield Found Christ, Communist Leader & Mass Murderer Becomes Born Again Christian, Debunking Christianity Writer Becomes Christian Because Of Evidence, Was Jesus Black? startActivityForResult by a RecognizerIntent. I had never been more emotionally drained than I was that morning. Duane Miller (born 1947) is a former college and professional football player. Pastor Matt Fry of C3 Church in North Carolina explains Duanes story in the following video. Jim: Wow, John, this is good. They now tell us that you probably will not recover. Now, for the first time in three years, I could breathe freely, he recalled. Home Episodes Focus on the Family Broadcast Experiencing Gods Healing Hand. famous wizards and witches top 7; leipsic comments transcript But overwhelmed at the moment. Experiencing God's Healing Hand - Duane Miller Focus on the Family 313K subscribers Subscribe 1K Share 33K views 1 year ago Overcome by a seemingly permanent, debilitating injury to his vocal. She was born on August 3, 1961 in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin to Clifford and Eileen (Stelse) Miller. Duane told me that more than 200 doctors were familiar with his case. But when God touches you, I dont understand this right now because the first thought that comes to your mind and its the truth. It may not keep you from doing anything you wanna do in this life, but youre gonna die with it. I protested that I was too hard to understand which was met with well listen REALLY carefully. I have come to understand that they asked, not because I was such a profound teacher, but because they loved me and knew how desperately I needed to teach., But the despair and pain Miller had felt days prior overwhelmed even to the point of suicide, Two days previous, I had sat for hours in my living room with a shotgun in my mouth and I had come to the end of myself. He came through this and on January 17, 1993, was scheduled to teach through Psalm 103, which was the curriculum assigned from the Bible Book Series. But Miller says he experienced intense feelings of conflict and doubt, I stood to teach the class of 150 or more on that morning. Lee Strobel was the award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and is the bestselling author of The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, The Case for a Creator, and The Case for Grace. Joylene went with me, left town, stayed gone, came back it was November. Doctors confirmed Duane had been cured. And when you make a pledge of any amount, Id like to send you a copy of Duane Millers powerful book its calledSpeechless. Ive called a doctor, friend of mine at Houston, and I asked him to see me. Hoping to order copies of Duane's book from his organizatio I dialed the 1-800 number. And I began my ministry singing professionally. Whats the problem here? He said, Oh Duane, dont worry about it. Praise the Lord, my soul, Nows your opportunity to explore the evidence and render yours. By James Bishop| Background research was conducted into this story to determine its reliability, and it appears that Duane Millers healing is legitimate. Who signed me up for that? I like the term Godwink., A Godwink is what some people would call an answered prayer, or simply an experience where youd say, Wow, what are the odds of that!. I just got through telling everybody I believe God heals, but what was happening was it was happening to me. I knew this was God winking my way as if to say, See, youre not the only one who is hurting. Duane: And you dont. It doesnt keep me from doing anything with that hand that I wanna do, but Im gonna die with that scar. All of the sudden his voice loosens and he is able to speak clearly. And thats made possible by donors like you. And he is not alone when it comes to believing in miracles, according to a 2004 survey, which showed that 55 percent of US physicians have seen results in their patients that they would consider miraculous. Ive seen over 200 physicians from all over the world, literally. 1998. Call the doctor on Monday morning, I went on and on Tuesday morning and he had cleared his entire day just for me. What Our Families Are Saying. October 19, 2010. In other words, does a miracle-performing God actually exist, and has he left his fingerprints all over supernatural events throughout history down to the present age? The miracle happened as he read verse 4, who redeems your life from the pit, He commented, I have had and you have had in times past, pit experiences.. He was 83. That was the end of it May 92. Duane: You cant get rid of it. MOST POPULAR. The neighbour took the dogs in to keep them together so that her friend could still visit the dogs. For more information, visit LeeStrobel.com. We moved back to the city of Houston. People have told me through the years that I should be a writer that God has gifted me in that area, never had time to write. Doctors said the vocal cords were beyond repair. God Heals This Pastor as He Preaches on Healing, After TGC Excerpt Stirs Controversy, Some Retract Endorsements for Book About Gods Vision for Sex, Amy Grant Reveals Bike Accident Nearly Took Her LifeIt Was Good for Me, Woke Transagenda Franklin Graham Denounces Hersheys Ad Featuring Trans Woman, In Florida, Latino Evangelicals Mobilize Against DeSantis Crackdown on Immigrants, Fight Together Not Against Each Other SBC Abuse Reform Task Force Member Urges Unity. and forget not all his benefits Millers story has reached many people through hisbookand he also has an online ministry calledNuvoicewhere he speaks further about his remarkable experience. By all accounts, it looked like Duanes voice was gone forever. During high school years, he was the quarterback/captain of the football team and a track & field state champion. Enjoy this article? Learn more about Duanes ministry at www.nuvoice.org. He is the author of Speechless: Have You Ever Wondered Where God Was When You Needed Him? Its real. Some call them Gods connecting points or miracles. Do you need encouragement regarding your writing? I am an author of one picture book, two historical fictions and one nonfiction of inspirational stories (Godwinks you call them). But theres a special reason Duanes healing took place during that class. And for a number of years, I sang in gospel music and traveled. Yeshua's healing power. But an audio recording captured the divine healing as well, so you can hear it for yourself! My voice has been totally restored, and to quote my lead physician, I cant find any evidence that you ever had a voice problem the event was caught on tape in the most casual way. So the Psalm says, Im excited. At that point. The first child of Jacob Franklin Miller and Audrey (Blassingame) Harmon. Now I went and looked up that word all in Hebrew. He is currently enrolled at Cornerstone Institute studying Theology and majoring in Psychology. Well, I stayed in bed for about 10 days with the flu. Yet when it came to the part of the sermon in which healing was at the forefront of the message Miller remembers struggling greatly, But, when I began to talk about healing, my words were, I still believe God heals, while my thoughts were, but why not me? I moved through that discussion as honestly as I could and began my third thought: He redeems my life from the pit. That is when Miller says the healing occurred, I began my discourse, I have had, and you have had, in times past, pit experiences. On the word, pit, the pressure that had been in my throat for three years was gone as if someone had removed their hand from choking me.. ! John: And thats where well have to end this terrific presentation from Pastor Duane Miller. With a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale, Lee has won four Gold Medallions for publishing excellence and coauthored the Christian Book of the Year. So all of the therapy that you are now undergoing is now classified as experimental treatment. Receive the book Speechless! Phone: 7045552030 / 9819158138. Available. Duane Miller has experienced Gods miraculous healing power firsthand. Pastor Duane Miller suffered for three years with a throat ailment that reduced his voice to a whisperuntil God healed him while he was delivering a message on Gods forgiveness and healing. One of the guys in the church helped me out. Isaiah 53 doesnt talk about physical healing Im sorry thats just not the context. And I want you to understand tonight that my entire life is dedicated to bringing that news to people who need to know Jesus Christ. God, Im standing here telling your people what your word says, and I can barely croak it out. Duane Miller Evidence that God Heals Joshua Elsom 556 subscribers Subscribe 597 23K views 5 years ago In January 1993 Duane Miller was miraculously healed while teaching a Sunday School. : An Interview with Lee Strobel]. duane miller healing snopes. John: And you can reach us when you call 800, the letter A and the word FAMILY, 800-232-6459, or donate online and request the bookSpeechlessby Duane Miller at focusonthefamily.com/broadcast. We just wanna get this into your hands. 100 Amazing Answers to Prayer. What I finally wound up was getting a headset and I would literally put the wind screen on my lips. Listening to the recording of that event, you can barely understand his weakly spoken, wheezy words. I dont understand this right nowIm a bit overwhelmed at the momentIm not quite sure what to say or do. More gasps and curious laughter from the crowd. RELATED: Prayer from strangers saves a brain-dead mom and her unborn baby. And he said, Duane, weve got a lot of testing, got a lot of things to do. By, by now, we had reached the size and importance of cases that they determined. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records. I dont understand this right now, Miller stammeredwith a fresh, new voice. duane miller healing snopes. God reminded me that one patron took out my book and didnt return it for five months! Follow me on Twitter @bobjones49ers. Yesterday I walked past a house in our neighbourhood and out of the front door came running a golden retriever and a golden lab. Ladies and gentlemen, all I am is an object lesson of what it means to be forgiven. When illness robbed Pastor Duane Miller of his voice seemingly forever he spent years struggling with the loss. Would You Believe a Healing Miracle Caught on Tape? Each one of those letters could have been prepared by the same secretary on different letterhead. Godwink #2. so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. He forgives all my sin and heals all of my disease. where does welcome to the thunderdome come from where does welcome to the thunderdome come from Ive done the investigation; Ive made the case; Ive rendered my verdict. I pick up the phone, I called an administrative assistant at that federal agency. That sin, you cover it up so nobody could see it. Duane tried to decline. He said, I cant explain that. He said, What makes scar tissue scar tissue is you cant get rid of it. At the end of that, doctor sat down with me he said, you gotta watch this and believe me, folks, weve got enough video to do a 90-minute special and Im not kidding. Im, uh, (laughs) sounds funny to say a loss for words (laughing). The flu soon disappeared, but his windpipe remained ablaze and his voice reduced to a raspy whisper. Show More Recently Viewed Megan is passionate about seeking and proclaiming the truth. Happily married to Jocelyn for 43 years. I dont know. It was a terrifying and humbling experience, he said. 2. Praise the Lord, my soul; Published by at 9 de junho de 2022. You know, whats going on in my mind. And he redeems my life from the pit, but I never got to talk about the pit because just as I began to elaborate on that topic, God intervened in that room. when will med beds be available. Class comes back to me and said, Hey, would you fill in? And Im looking at them and saying, Guys, I cant teach you. I didnt wanna go teach that Sunday school class. According to Miller: In January, I contracted a flu virus that ultimately penetrated the mylan sheath of my vocal folds and damaged the nerve tissue beyond repair (3). On today's edition of Family Talk, you will hear the moment when God restored Duane's voice, which was captured in an audio recording of him teaching a Sunday School . His stunned audience began to clap and cheer, shout and laugh; his wife, Joylene, broke down in tears. Pastor Duane Miller suffered for three years with a throat ailment that reduced his voice to a whisperuntil God healed him while he was delivering a message on Gods forgiveness and healing. So they decided to never use you again because of your voice.. Looking At Revelation 1:14-15, Popular Atheist Blogger, Leah Libresco, Converts to Christianity, Former Muslim Gets Healed By Jesus Then Plants 50 Churches, 74% Of Doctors Believe In Miracles, 55% Have Seen Them, Atheist Professor Witnesses Man Raised From The Dead. He paused, startled; began again and stopped. I love inspiring people through communicating, blogging, and coaching. Dr. Miller, who holds the title of Professor Emeritus in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UTHSC, is due to receive his 100 th United States patent from his lifetime of research effort before the end of the year. And the video from that morning shows that all that scar tissue was in my throat is gone. Dr. Duane D. Miller received his Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. And so I became the Guinea pig. On the other hand to say that since we dont have anything after the book of Acts, that miracles ended at the book of Acts and they never happen again is equally as wrong because you have put God in a box both ways and he doesnt wanna be in the box. What You Need to Know About Healing: A Physical and Spiritual Guide. I enjoy writing, running, and reading. And we have that here at the ministry. I just had a block. It was because I had something that nobody knew what to do with. Duane Miller is a recognized author, radio personality, and conference speaker. I understand your grief. I like to spend money. I had been left with a voice that sounded like the worst case of laryngitis you have ever heard, and could only make that if I screamed at the top of my lungs., Given his inability to speak clearly, Miller resigned from his post in 1991 saying that Everything I had ever done to earn a living had been connected to my ability to speak and suddenly my tool kit was gone. He soon moved to Houston where he and his wife took up residence. And thats what it felt like in my throat for the next three years of my life. So he put me on some medication for that, put me on some steroids to reduce the swelling in my throat and send me home for another 10 days and told me to come back and see him at the end of that time. He told me that, that the, that the infection was clear, but I was left with a pressure in my throat. And do you remember one of the banking and the savings and loan crisis and all that was going on? One of his benefits is he heals all of my diseases. Your monthly support helps families thrive. And we looked to tomorrow during those tough seasons. If God can intervene in the world, why doesnt he do it more often to relieve suffering? When I said you have had and Ive had in times past pit experiences. If its got four-wheel drive, camouflage or any of those kinds of things, and I would wanna buy it. Bless his holy name, bless the Lord, all my soul and forget not all his benefits. Then he starts to list them. Honestly, you have to hear it for yourself to grasp the full significance. if (false && typeof(allpass_containerRequests) !== "undefined") { And let me just follow up by saying that if you need healing or forgiveness from the Lord, please give us a call. Miller and his family eventually ended up as members of a large church in Houston. He has since appeared on Oprah, 100 Huntley Street and traveled the world sharing his story. It also appears you have talent to write, but you dont have the name recognition of a Chuck Swindoll or a James Dobson. You never know what Gods gonna do tomorrow. Miller was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed and was outfitted with a special microphone that would be able to pick up whatever sound he was able to produce. I happened upon a remarkable account while preparing my Sunday message on the subject of healing. And he said, Duane, thats a question I cannot answer. He loves you every bit as much as He loves me. My sweetheart came home from work and she-. Then around [4:30] in the video, you'll hear Duane Miller. Thats for you Lord. It was a decision that had been made in his heart, years earlier, when he vowed in sickness or in health. Hear the lessons Robertson McQuilkin learned about true love as he provided full-time care for Muriel for over a decade. All the things that God promises, theyre all real. His physician was the Head of Medicine at Baylor University. Duane D. Miller, PhD Van Vleet Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences The University of Tennessee Health Science Center 227c Johnson Building 847 Monroe Avenue Memphis, TN 38163 Tel: 901.448.6026 Fax: 901.448.6828 Email: Duane D. Miller Education PhD Institution: University of Washington, Medicinal Chemistry Department Research Interests James is a graduate from Vega School of Brand Leadership specialising in Multimedia Design and Brand Communications. Well, So Did I. Duane and his wife, Joylene, have been married over 50 years and have two daughters and one granddaughter. And we didnt have an answer for the pit we find ourselves in. Miller, D. 2013. Awesome experience Adena. who redeems your life from the pit He holds nine Drake University football records, many which have withstood the test of time. Teaching the class with a special microphone resting on his lips, he reaffirmed his belief in divine healing by referring to Psalm 103. 20665 4th street suite 201 saratoga, ca 95070. studio san diego craigslist 0 items / $ 0. paul emerson washington Login / Register So your post opened up my recollection of the fact God called me to spread his Word everywhere and in any format God bless. God completely healed him as he was declaring the truth in this psalm. Duane, thank you for your book idea. From that day to this I celebrate the restoration of my vocal ability. Hes been married to Joylene for over 50 years and they have two daughters and one granddaughter. And thats what I had planned to do that morning. And he looked at me and he said, All right, Duane, lets hear it. And I said, Hi, doc. And my voice was exactly the same as the day Id walked out of his office six months before. (Part 2 of 2), Psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman explains how you can avoid common parenting mistakes and implement reality discipline, in which real-life consequences teach children rather than you lecturing, reminding or rescuing them. 2.23.23: Prayers GROWING in many Universities, Trump shows TRUE leadership, Young Gen Z rising, PRAY. Duane: So the most important thing I can tell you is its not a sin to find yourself at the end of yourself. You can transform our nation one family at a time! They were just as baffled as he was. Her experience in ministry, an extensive amount of which was garnered overseas, gives her a unique perspective on the global church. When he awoke with the flu one Sunday morning, his throat was like sandpaper and his voice would catch on words. The diagnosis: the flu virus destroyed the nerves of his vocal cords, rendering them limp. I said not sure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not a sin and Gods grace will get you past the chair. So, on any given Sunday, someone was bound to miss the class. Surprised by the Power of the Spirit: Discovering how God Speaks and Heals Today. By Kerry Crowley . There's no place like home, right? As Pastor Matt Fry of C3 Church in North Carolina explains in the following video, Miller was a pastor in Texas who got sick with something like the flu. Thats wrong. Wont work. It was just a matter of days before someone was gonna challenge how that case was prepared. It was nothing anymore or any less dramatic than that. This story of Duane Miller's healing is, well, almost too miraculous to believe. Okay? Popular Christian vocalist Larnelle Harris reflects on his five-decade music career, sharing the valuable life lessons hes learned about putting his family first, allowing God to redeem a troubled past, recognizing those whove sacrificed for his benefit, and faithfully adhering to biblical principles amidst all the opportunities that have come his way. San Diego PART II - Depeche Mode Message Board We were, w. fast friends, dm fans as with all right, watching Live Monsters at amazing a high rate of the Olympia - 5th july 2003, a John: You know, Jim Ive, Ive held onto that tomorrow, that sense of whats next, uh, with our kids growing up with six kids, there was always something going on. And the reason was because my condition was so rare. Filed under Apologetics, Books, Guest Post, sickness. I never heard from them again. What a powerful reminder that the God we serve still performs miracles today! People say, why didnt you pull the trigger? He spent several years going to over 63 specialists, with more than 200 doctors trying to figure out how to get his voice back. Do you need a miracle of healing? Very cool Pastor Bob Ill have to check out his book. Wed love to have you Subscribe to REVwords. Few days later, Id always ask God why and all at once, God told me why. I also work in a library and a patron and I started talking (as I was typing) and i mentioned my books. When were going through a dark time in our life, it often seems like God shows up at the very last minute like you did with Duane. Not true. And so at 11 oclock, I just tried to get through it. Now I like that verse just a whole lot. And he crowns me with loving kindness, compassion, and he satisfies my mouth with good things, my desires, so that my youth is renewed like the Eagle. And I started teaching through that outline. Thank you Lord. Over three years, he was examined by 63 physicians. Thats what I set out to determine in writing The Case for Miracles. I cannot find any evidence that you ever had a voice problem. And I walked out the door rejoicing. You can hear nervous laughter in the audience as the room starts to realize what is happening before their very eyes. But heres the reality. On Sunday January 17, 1993 Duane lead an adult Bible class. The top result for your search is Duane C Miller age 80+ living in Fremont, NE . If there had ever been a time in my life, when my cup was empty, it was that Sunday morning. I had to get up on Sunday morning and go teach that Sunday school class. p. 145; Peterson, W. & Petersen, R. 2009. That began in April of 92. One month its because I am disabled I cant have coverage. Well, So Did I. Duane and his wife, Joylene, have been married over 50 years and have two daughters and one granddaughter. Believe its commercial. Incredibly, though,it was caught on an audio recording. Thats how I was raised. Duane: January 1990, I got out of bed and, and in the morning, and you know, that feeling you get, when you know, youre coming down with something. I dont deserve this. Chronic illnesses cause profound physical, emotional, relational and spiritual pain. The next month its because Im not disabled that I cant have coverage. And were gonna pick it up as he dives into his story on todays episode of Focus on the Family. Psalm 103, Davids words. beauregard parish 911 office; Tags . Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss the Rabbinic Concept: A Person's Actions Draws out the Ruach of holiness :- / Isaiah 32:15-20 . And I said, its time for me to find out what happened. As Pastor Matt Fry of C3 Church in North Carolina explains in the following video, Miller was a pastor in Texas who got sick with something like the flu. moineau signification spirituelle. Three years later something amazing happened. I hope our listeners Will as well. Our directors (a husband and wife) asked if I would fill in while a permanent replacement was sought. $.027 $.03 $.054/mbf $.07 $.07/cwt $.076 $.09 $.10-a-minute $.105 $.12 $.30 $.30/mbf $.50 $.65 $.75 $.80 $.86 $.90 $0.9 $1 $1,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000,000 $1,200 $1,250,000 $1, As he realizes what is happening, though, Miller breaks out with a Thank you Lord. You can hear him choke up (with emotion this time) as he does the only thing he can think to do: Read the Scripture with his newly recovered voice. In 1990 while pastoring First Baptist Church in Brenham, Texas, Duane lost his voice from a flu virus. And its gone. Im walking out of the doctors office. Her husband left his prestigious career behind to care for her full-time. The story was from the life of a Texas pastor, Duane Miller. Hey folks, I live in a real world, okay. Scientists raised the alarm and ozone-depleting chemicals were phased out worldwide. The book starts with a provocative interview in which Americas foremost skeptic builds a seemingly persuasive case against the miraculous. Thank you for sharing. allpass_containerRequests.push([jQuery("#allpass_container0"), "Wide", null, null]); So finally, he agreed, but only out of a sense of obligation. Author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada, who has been a quadriplegic since age 17, candidly explores the question of why God allows pain and suffering, and encourages listeners to persevere in trusting God, even if they can't fully understand His purposes. So, as he stood before more than 150 people, talking about how God heals, he inwardly thought, "but why not me?". 4445 n 36th st, phoenix, az 85018. ct classic plates benefits; Do Old Testament Prophecies Prove That Jesus is the Messiah. Focus on the Family's staff of licensed, professional counselors can help you bring healing and restoration to your family with Christian perspectives you can trust. Over the following three years Miller says that he: was seen by over 63 specialists and their teams (totaling over 200 doctors) as they tried to diagnose and treat me. He begins the lesson with the damaged voice he lived with for three years the voice he describes as the worst case of laryngitis you have ever heard. But as Duane continues to preach, youll be able to hear the miraculous healing yourself. Nearly 200 people witnessed the miracle. Carmel, Indiana, United States. dramatic moment of Millers recovery had been captured on audiotape, which went viral, The Case for Christ: An Interview with Lee Strobel, Easter is On April Fools Day But the Resurrection is No Joke, Devotional Reflections on Handels Messiah: An Interview with Jessica Miller Kelley. Called up the administrators and I said, Hey, man, whats up? Dont get discouraged. I said, Am I ever going to get to preach again? And he looked at me and he was serious. The Millers were now members at Houston's First Baptist Church. And this is what he did instead. Did the blood test, came back, told me I had an infection that was really horrible in my bronchitis. June 92 I get a letter for my group insurance carrier. Duane: Went on about my day. Hope grows here. You can hear that. Give us a call 800, the letter A, and the word FAMILY, 800 232 6459, or donate and request that book and the CD at focusonthefamily.com/broadcast. So this lesson that Im gonna teach that morning when Im on the lesson plan four years before I got sick. And it was gone and it startled me. Duane Miller has experienced God's miraculous healing power firsthand. Chuck Bentley: Well, shes the classic saver and Im the classic spender. Youre not really sick, but just give me a minute and I will be that, that nasty yucky feeling that you know, youve got it, whatever it is, you caught it. Instantly I dropped to my knees and hugged and patted the dogs. Hotels near Healing Massage, Helsinki on Tripadvisor: Find 23,363 traveler reviews, 50,324 candid photos, and prices for 128 hotels near Healing Massage in Helsinki, Finland. Yet as he is speaking of the Lords goodness and explaining that God still performs miracles in our day and age, something incredible happens. Did I do something wrong? Well, my friend thought he knew what was wrong with me immediately, but he wanted corroboration. Duane shared his miraculous healing in a book called Out Of The Silence. I couldnt use a microphone. Call me up in the morning and he said, Duane, I find out what happened and youre not gonna like it. It doesnt fall under the definition that social security gives to disability. Why is God so "hit-or-miss" in the way He responds to our petitions for His miraculous intervention?